Various Types of Vacuum Cleaners


Vacuum cleaners come in different shapes, sizes, color, prices, and functionalities. It is therefore essential to find a tool that can maintain a clean habitat for you and your family. It is disappointing to invest in a vacuum cleaner that does not give results you need. There five different types of vacuum cleaners each with various functions. Although there are others that combine two or more functions to give you a less easy task when cleaning. Knowing the expectations you have for a vacuum cleaner helps to decide which one is best for you. Several types of vacuum cleaners are discussed below.

Handheld vacuums are the perfect choice for reaching into areas that are hard to reach and need a thorough cleaning. Such vacuums are used in vacuuming cars and are only held using one hand. It is used for sucking up dirt and debris in a variety of hidden places. Unfortunately, it does not serve well for general floor cleaning, and it takes a long time to clean with a handheld cleaner. Handheld vacuums are therefore very efficient for cleaning mainly vehicles. Its ability to reach the dirt and debris of hidden places makes it versatile. It is therefore considered for use by car owners.

Upright commercial vacuum cleaners are the most popular and sought-after models of vacuum cleaners. Most models advertised in the media are upright forms. Such cleaners provide the most effective cleaning for your house. Most households are thus known to possess such type of a model. Their versatility makes them comfortable to use and easy to understand their functions and elements. Many forms have settings that allow these cleaners to be used on both carpeted floors and bare floors. Stick vacuums are known for cleaning narrow spaces on hardwood floors, area rugs, and light carpets. Their form consists of a stick-like handle and is slender in shape. It, therefore, can be easily stored in closet space as it does not eat up a lot of space due to its shape.

Robot or autonomous vacuum cleaners do not require a lot of effort. These bissell little green manual vacuums can be controlled remotely and roam freely around the house suctioning up dirt and debris. Their advantages are that they save you time and are also able to reach into a hidden place where larger vacuums were unable to clean. Canister vacuum cleaners have a separate canister that is joined to a long stick. It is used to clean both carpeted areas and bare floors. Its model falls between the upright model and the stick model. Therefore, there are different models of vacuum cleaners for homeowners to decide on.

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